A global concept

Since 1953 CREFORM has incorporated in its modular system all elements for an efficient material flow. With the proven philosophy (KAIZEN) and the suitable CREFORM products you will increase the efficiency of your products dramatically.

No matter whether you are active, for example, in the automobile industry, food industry or in aviation; whether you distribute medical devices or assemble electronic components, CREFORM helps your corporation with the introduction of lean manufacturing.

Through the use of CREFORM systems a well organized manufacturing process with very short response times and high flexibility develops. Optimal quality, cost reduction and time saving are only a few of the resulting competitive advantages.

The idea of KAIZEN (KAI = change, ZEN = for the better) consists of a continuous implementation of operational suggestions for improvement. Because of its adaptability and its easy application the CREFORM system is the ideal instrument to put into practice the KAIZEN philosophy.

CREFORM Germany is the European Headquarter of the Japanese Group. Japan’s company strategies and products at CREFORM Germany are no passing fashion trend but the key to success in today’s competition.