Material flow with system

Heavy, bulky and immobile equipment finally belongs to the past. The revolutionary CREFORM pipe-connector system enables a material flow never seen before. No material handling system enables you to construct, build and adapt equipment according to your individual requirements on-site as precisely and flexible as CREFORM.

Benefit from the hands-on experiences of your employees identifying and automatically eliminating manufacturing weaknesses. CREFORM gives you and your employees the means you require for continuous improvement of manufacturing flows (KAIZEN). With its simple concept, CREFORM speaks a universal language. You don’t have to follow vast numbers of mathematical or structural formulas but only a few load information.

CREFORM offers you an extensive choice of pipes, connectors and accessories for the planning and realization of your individual application. With CREFORM you can design equipment to manage the material flow in almost every area of the manufacturing process: from raw material to just-in-time transport of suppliers; from manufacturing handling and transfer to assembly, and even as far as the ergonomic parts and tools facilities of single workbenches.

The erection of CREFORM applications is associated with very little effort. After short training, every employee is capable to design and build high quality structures. To make your introduction into the CREFORM system easy, you will receive specifically tailored starter kits with generally the most needed pipes and connectors. With these starter kits you are able to carry out initial improvements to your manufacturing chain very soon. At the same time you can experience first-hand the enormous advantages of the CREFORM system.

We gladly support you in the process of installing the efficient material handling systems based on the CREFORM system (construction, assembly service, technical advice), regardless if it is for a single element or an operating or corporate reconfiguration.

Put the CREFORM system to the test, you will be amazed!