Experience since 1953

Nowadays companies perform in a highly demanding and very sensitive market. Flexibility and creativity are no longer catchwords but necessities to succeed in an ever strengthening and competitive market. Business processes have to be optimized by suitable strategies and costs continuously reduced. In the area of manufacture it requires constant flexibility and efficiency, to be able to act immediately on changing market demands.

Japanese engineers from Yazaki Industrial Chemical Corporation already recognized the necessity for a flexible and consumer-adaptable manufacturing process in 1953 and developed a revolutionary material handling system by the name of CREFORM.

Within a short period of time this modular system became a bestseller in Japanese and USA markets. Large companies such as Toyota, Ford and Chrysler (see our references) converted their manufacture, within their policy for continual improvement processes (Kaizen), to the patented pipe-coupling system. With this new system it was finally possible to produce on-demand and have it tailor-made. Because of the easy application of the CREFORM-systems even employees at their work place could be actively integrated into the continuous improvement process. This lead to much higher productivity while simultaneously reducing costs.

The high demand for this product also in the European market lead to the founding of CREFORM Technik GmbH Germany in 1999. The CREFORM Technik GmbH (Germany) is a joint venture of Yazaki Industrial Chemical Co. (Shizuoka, Japan) and the subsidiary CREFORM Corporation (Greer, USA). The CREFORM system is today used globally by leading companies from diverse industries and trade sectors. However, more and more small and medium-sized businesses appreciate the competitive advantage gained through using CREFORM systems.

Because of the enormous demands in the European market, storage and production capacities have been increased. In September 2008 CREFORM Germany has moved into a complete new factory in Baunatal. CREFORM Germany is the main contact for companies located in the European region, and they like to alter their manufacture to be flexible, modern and suitable for competition.