On the road to success

Japanese companies are viewed as the leaders in quality, effectiveness and human resource management. Over the years the Japanese have achieved record breaking results. The secret of this achievement is called Kaizen – the Japanese word for constant improvement.

The Kaizen philosophy is based on the realization that a company wanting to survive and make a profit has to satisfy consumer needs to the full. Improvements in quality and production planning as well as minimising costs are essential factors. Kaizen is a customer-oriented improvement process which is used to increase customer satisfaction in all company activities.

Kaizen assumes that there is a need for improvement in any business. Within manufacture there are always entrapments or bottle-neck situations – the key is how companies handle them. Through the continuous improvement process the central focus revolves around the ideas and solutions of blue collar employees.

The CREFORM system gives you the freedom to transfer improvements directly into practice; thus eliminating or simplifying unnecessary work processes. At the same time the CREFORM system provides for optimal use of space and technical equipment. Through an individual, ergonomic workplace design from CREFORM, the wellbeing of an individual will be improved in the long run.

As you can see, CREFORM is not only an innovative product but also a holistic philosophy to positively alter your company in small, steady steps.