For more than 60 years, CREFORM has been helping companies from all industries to work more efficiently.

With our pipe system, material can be stored, transported and used quickly and flexibly. Whether in the automotive industry, food industry, medicine or aviation: CREFORM helps to make production more efficient everywhere.

Good organisation, short reaction times and high flexibility: that is what CREFORM stands for.

CREFORM Germany is the European headquarters of the Japanese parent company Yazaki Kako Corporation. At CREFORM Germany, Japanese corporate strategies and products are the key to success in today’s competitive environment.

Experience since 1953

Japanese engineers at YAZAKI Kako Corporation recognised the need for flexible production as early as 1953 and developed a revolutionary material handling system under the name CREFORM.

Within a short time, this modular system became a best-seller in Japan and the USA.

Companies such as Toyota, Ford and Chrysler switched production to the patented pipe system as part of the continuous improvement process. With this new system it was finally possible to produce according to demand and tailor-made.

A sense for innovation

The success story continued in 1985 with the expansion of the product range to include Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV). The automatically guided vehicles set new standards and are still one of the most effective instruments for optimising material transport even more efficiently, flexibly and cost-effectively.

Strong in Europe since 1999

The high demand, also on the European market, led to the foundation of CREFORM Technik GmbH Germany in 1999. It is a joint venture between YAZAKI Kako Corporation (Shizuoka, Japan) and its subsidiary CREFORM Corporation (Greer, USA).

Due to the huge demand on the European market, the storage and production capacities were greatly expanded and in September 2008 the company moved into the newly built plant in Baunatal.