Motoo Yazaki

Japan - Birthplace of the continuous improvement processes “KAIZEN”

Japan is a fascinating symbiosis of centuries of ancient tradition and a high-tech economy. Whilst in many other countries economic growth is stagnating, Japanese companies which practice the “Kaizen”-philosophy have developed into global market leaders.

Kaizen, the Japanese word for constant improvement, represents a holistic and integrated approach. Kaizen means the thorough tracking of the three Ms: Muda (waste), Mura (contradictions) and Muri (physical stress). All procedures are constantly reviewed on how they can be more productive, safer and less strenuous. We understand “Kaizen” as a philosophy for optimization of the overall manufacturing process and as an indispensable part of the company strategy and culture.

Global competition demands consistently outstanding performance. Enterprises increasingly have to perform in an environment of continuous change. Only companies who are willing to benchmark their complete process chain and to optimize them daily according to the principles of “KAIZEN” will define the market in the future.

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Sincerely Yours,

Motoo Yazaki
Managing Director