The CREFORM philosophy

Japanese companies are considered a model of effectiveness and quality. The secret of success is called Kaizen - the Japanese word for continuous improvement. This is exactly what CREFORM focuses on.

The concept of Kaizen (Kai = change, Zen = for the good) is in the continuous implementation of operational improvement suggestions. The focus is not on the technology, but on people. Every single employee can contribute with his or her knowledge to uncover the need for improvements at all levels of a company and to continuously optimise workflows and processes.

Always at the heart of the action

The CREFORM system is an ideal tool for implementing the Kaizen philosophy because of its adaptability and ease of use. Thanks to its high flexibility and simplicity, all components can be quickly and easily adapted to the respective production conditions on-site. Necessary changes and optimisations can therefore be implemented in the shortest possible time without lengthy decision-making processes.

In order to reveal individual improvement potentials and to develop suitable optimisation approaches, the actual place of activity plays an essential role. According to the philosophy of Gemba-Kaizen (Gemba= the actual place), our consultation meetings and workshops therefore always take place directly on location. Only in this way can weak points be precisely identified and individual solutions developed.

Ahead of the competition

Kaizen is an improvement process that directs all activities of the company towards customer satisfaction. This is the only way a company can survive in the face of tough competition. Improvements in quality and production planning as well as cost reduction are essential factors in this context.

There is potential for improvement in every business. The decisive factor is how companies deal with it. The responsibility of each employee to turn his or her ideas into reality is transferred with the 5S method. The 5S are the most important tools for implementing the KAIZEN philosophy and describe a procedure to reduce or eliminate non-value-adding activities in five steps through a structured organisation of the workplace.

A focus on people

The 5S stand for Seiri = discarding, Seiton = systematising, Seiso = cleaning, Seiketsu = standardising and Shitsuke = disciplining. In this way, search times can be eliminated, transport costs reduced and unexpected breakdowns detected early. The CREFORM system gives you the freedom to put these improvement steps into practice immediately.

Unnecessary work processes are bypassed or simplified in accordance with the Karakuri philosophy. By making optimum use of existing resources, the CREFORM system can be used to automate procedures and processes simply, but effectively and particularly cost-efficiently.