Material dollies

Table trolley

The transportation of parts from one manufacturing area to another does not necessitate higher effort or force. Our table trollies, consisting of CREFORM pipes and connectors, offer a maximum load carrying capacity, tractability and dimensional accuracy with respect to the required size and height.

They are a great alternative to lift trucks and forklifts, which occupy storage space in your manufacturing department.

Picking Trolleys

Picking trolleys are applicable for parts of almost any size. They can be easily furnished with a towing device to be transported by a hauler or other.

Large wheels made of rubber, polyamide, or polyurethane or ESD castors with protection against electrostatic charge allow for use on any floor and under all circumstances. If necessary, the trolley structure can also be reinforced for greater loads to a point, after which it will become too heavy itself.

Packing Cart

A simple example for the ergonomic configuration of packing materials where goods are concerned. Light, mobile and functional.