Automated Guided Carts (AGC) by CREFORM bring motion into your manufacturing flow.
The transport of materials is optimized to become efficient, flexible and very cost-saving.

While doing so AGC do not only take on pure transport jobs, like chaining of manufacturing and assembling equipments, but also warehouse service and commissioning tasks.

Driverless transport systems from CREFORM are the elegant solution for an automated material flow within an enterprise.

Because of their compatibility with the CREFORM pipe-plug system you can design AGC’s exactly according to your vision and requirements. Because of their light and modular construction, CREFORM AGC’s run very economically – however the structure is still extremely loadable.

Place the magnetic or optical guidance trace along the desired route and you are ready to go. The sensors in the drive unit will read the course of the route.

Additional signal units on the floor allow creep driving, stops and change in direction. Obstacles are recognized through another sensory technology, which safely stops the AGC.

In case of a route change, simply remove the guidance trace and lay it along the new route.

Automated Guided Carts (AGC) are track-bound haulage systems with driverless transport vehicles. The single driverless transport carts carry cargo between two or more stations within a determined route. The load taking, delivery and vehicle control take place through SPS.