The CREFORM pipe elements only develop their full effect in combination with our CREFORM standard joints. They form the basic components of all CREFORM structures and are made of metal or plastic depending on the application.

Manufactured from cold rolled steel, CREFORM metal joints offer optimum protection against corrosion due to their surface treatment. They consist of two or more components, which are secured with special nuts and bolts. Thanks to deep-drawn claws, a non-positive and reliable connection is created between pipe and metal connector.

Consisting of high-quality thermoplastic ASA plastic, CREFORM plastic joints are ideally suited for permanent connections. A durable and stable connection is guaranteed by the bonding of pipe and plastic joint.

Whether made of metal or plastic - both product variants are equally convincing with their high stability:

CREFORM metal joint:

  • Ø 28mm
  • Ø 32mm
  • Ø 42mm
  • Suitable for (almost) any application
  • High flexibility through the ability to reuse
  • Optional ESD conductivity
  • Huge selection
  • High strength, durable steel
  • Corrosion-protected sheathing

CREFORM plastic joint:

  • Ø 28mm
  • Large selection (over 90 joints)
  • Low weight
  • Easy to bond
  • Permanent stability
  • Wide range of colours
  • UV and moisture resistance
ESD nickel joints
ESD nickel joints
Metal joints in assembly trolley
Metal joints in assembly trolley
Metal joints
Metal joints
Metal joints
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