Material handling

Visionary technology, Made in Germany: The CREFORM material handling system

With the invention of the now world-famous pipe & joint material handling system, CREFORM has developed a revolutionary system that aims to continuously improve your production processes and is at the core of all lean philosophies.

Whether as a single component, kit or customised complete solution: With the help of our experienced experts, the CREFORM material handling system can be individually and flexibly adapted to your production environment.

Made of high-quality German steel and treated with an anti-rust formula, our pipes impress with their extremely high quality, durability and robustness. Even when cold, they can be bent into the desired shape without suffering any damage. In addition to pipe cuts to any desired length and ESD-ability, we offer a wide range of different colours. For larger orders, we can even accommodate special colour requests for our pipes, such as a company branding colour.

We would be happy to support you in identifying individual potential for improvement across your company's entire value chain and developing suitable optimisation approaches - quickly, flexibly and in line with your needs.

Our individual solutions at a glance

  • Kanban racking, FIFO racking, staging racking, flow racks
  • Transport trolleys and chassis
  • U-cells and work cells
  • Ergonomic workstations, assembly workstations and height-adjustable workbenches
  • Order picking racks, storage facilities
  • Display units, presentation tables and much more.
Individual material

Inexpensive standard components ensure high flexibility in use and fast delivery.


The documentation and assembly instructions supplied with the materials save time during assembly.

Pre-assembled structure

Fully assembled structures save capacities. No tool is required. Prototype building is also possible.

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Our Pipes

CREFORM pipes are characterised by extreme lightness and high stability. Their sheathing made of robust ASA thermoplastic ensures high resistance to weathering and heat deformation.

Our wide range of different colours and diameters promises the ideal solution for every application.

CREFORM naturally also offers ESD-capable components with which you can also use your required structures in ESD protection zones.

Inform yourself in our catalogue about our large selection of different basic and combination elements.

In addition, CREFORM also offers many different types of pipe with which almost any application can be implemented.

Our product variety:

  • Ø 28 mm for all kinds of applications
  • Ø 42 mm for high loads
  • Ø 32 mm for individual solutions
  • High loading capabilities
  • Low weight thanks to 0.7mm wall thickness
  • Easy to cut to desired lengths
  • Optional ESD conductivity
  • Large choice of colours
  • High flexibility through the ability to reuse
Large choice

Our wide range of different colours and diameters promises the ideal solution for every application.


Assembly trolley with conveyors



Kitting cart with conveyors



Load cart / kitting cart
Work table



Our Joints

The CREFORM pipe elements only develop their full effect in combination with our CREFORM standard joints. They form the basic components of all CREFORM structures and are made of metal or plastic depending on the application.

Manufactured from cold rolled steel, CREFORM metal joints offer optimum protection against corrosion due to their surface treatment. They consist of two or more components, which are secured with special nuts and bolts. Thanks to deep-drawn claws, a non-positive and reliable connection is created between pipe and metal connector.

Consisting of high-quality thermoplastic ASA plastic, CREFORM plastic joints are ideally suited for permanent connections. A durable and stable connection is guaranteed by the bonding of pipe and plastic joint.

Whether made of metal or plastic - both product variants are equally convincing with their high stability:

CREFORM metal joint:

  • Ø 28mm
  • Ø 32mm
  • Ø 42mm
  • Suitable for (almost) any application
  • High flexibility through the ability to reuse
  • Optional ESD conductivity
  • Huge selection
  • High strength, durable steel
  • Corrosion-protected sheathing

CREFORM plastic joint:

  • Ø 28mm
  • Large selection (over 90 joints)
  • Low weight
  • Easy to bond
  • Permanent stability
  • Wide range of colours
  • UV and moisture resistance
ESD nickel joints
ESD nickel joints
Metal joints in assembly trolley
Metal joints in assembly trolley
Metal joints
Metal joints
Metal joints
Plastic joints