CREFORM metal connectors are made from cold-rolled steel and go through surface treatment to prevent corrosion. They consist of two or more components, which are secured with special nuts and bolts. Through deep-drawn interlinking a robust connection between the pipe and the metal connector is created.

black or nickel-plated

CREFORM standard joints

Connectors are the base components of all CREFORM structures. The CREFORM pipes are connected through them. Depending on the application, metal or plastic connectors are used. Both types have the same stability but different applications:

Metal Joints:

- Suitable for most applications
- Large choice of joint types
- Standard bolt size (5mm hex head)
- High strength, long-durability steel
- Coated for corrosion resistance
- Nickel-plated version for ESD structures
- Special stainless steel connectors available
- Ø 28mm, Ø32mm and Ø42mm connectors available

Plastic Joints:

- Numerous options; more than 90 to choose from
- Economical
- Lightweight
- Easy to glue
- Durably firm
- Different colours
- UV and moisture resistant

You can find detailed descriptions regarding all joints in our online shop!

CREFORM plastic connectors consist of high-quality thermoplast ASA plastic. Plastic connectors are economical, light and intended for permanent connections. This permanent and durable connection is achieved through gluing the pipe and plastic connector.

Colour: grey, brown or ivory