The standard pipe H-4000 has an outer diameter of Ø 28mm. The wall consists of 0.7mm thick cold-rolled steel. Extremely light and high stability characterise this pipe.

The sheathing for ASA thermoplast is available in different colours. The length of the pipe is 4000mm and the inside of the pipe is coated with a corrosion protector.

In addition to the standard Ø28mm pipe CREFORM offers two more outer diameters. Ø42mm for structures with high loads and long dimensions. Ø32mm for skate tracks and to extend the Ø28mm pipe for vertical adjustments.

Moreover CREFORM offers many other pipe types, which let you resolve almost any task and problem in your manufacture.

Length AProportionality limit*

The possible load of the Ø28mm standard pipe is pictured in the chart. The values in the chart represent maximum proportional limits. Exceeding these values leads to permanent deformation of the pipe. Higher load values are resolved simply and easily by using a double pipe to double or respectively triple the load values.

This picture shows the test arrangement, in which the results of the above chart are ascertained. This testing takes place before and after each production charge of the pipe to guarantee constant quality. CREFORMs principle is to keep your equipment lean and demand-oriented as well as easy to modify and without oversized and unnecessary investments.

Electrostatic discharge (ESD) describes the procedures and effects at the clearing of electrical charges between two differently charged materials. When these touch, positive and negative charges are exchanged.

Important for electronic manufacture with ESD protection zones! Of course CREFORM also offers ESD capable components, which let you use the required structures in ESD protection zones as well. The ESD capability has been confirmed by a testing institute; we will gladly send you the test report.