Can anyone put together a CREFORM structure?

CREFORM is simple. The system was created to provide a tool that anyone can use to improve his or her workspace. No special design or assembly skills are required. By following basic guidelines, anyone can assemble a CREFORM structure.

How strong is the CREFORM system?

The strength of CREFORM is a function of the components selected and the structure itself. Whether your project requires a capacity of 20 or 2,000 pounds, the CREFORM structure can be designed to adapt to your needs. In short, you design and build the structure to match the application. The strength of your CREFORM structure depends on the design, the components selected and the quality of assembly. If you have questions or require design assistance, our experienced Sales Engineers are glad to help.

What is Lean Manufacturing?

A total systems approach involving all aspects of the business, all employees and all departments. Eliminating Waste and Continuous Improvement are the key strategies used to doing things cheaper, better and faster.

How does CREFORM support Lean Manufacturing and Continuous Improvement?

CREFORM enables the Lean philosophy to be readily implemented. Our customers choose CREFORM for its flexibility, its ease of use and reusability. They count on CREFORM to help them optimize their work environment and improve their company's performance. Often, a CREFORM structure can be implemented the same day the request has been made by the operator. If changes are required, the CREFORM system provides the flexibility for adjustments or reconfiguration.

Is CREFORM pipe plastic?

A common misconception is that CREFORM pipe is plastic. The reality is that CREFORM pipe features a high strength steel core and is coated with plastic. You'll be impressed with the strength of CREFORM!

How much time is required to assemble a CREFORM structure?

This varies with the type of structure being assembled, its size and the experience of the assembler. In most cases, a CREFORM structure can be assembled in 1/2 to 3 hours. Like most things, experience leads to proficiency.

What surprises new CREFORM users?

As we work with customers new to CREFORM, we frequently hear many of the same favorable comments: It's stronger than I thought. It's lighter than I thought. It's easy and fun to assemble.

How do I assemble CREFORM?

When you build a structure, begin by assembling the side frames which will eventually support the structure. When you assemble a structure, make the left side frame first, the middle frame next and then the right side frame. Connect the side frames with beam pipes. Using this procedure ensures that your project goes smoothly and your resulting structure is well-assembled.

What joint options are available from CREFORM?

The CREFORM system offers two options for connecting pipes together into structures. We offer both metal joints and plastic joints with attributes as follows: Metal: Flexible and reusable. If you plan to modify or disassemble your structure at some point, metal joints are the best choice. Intended for indoor industrial applications. Plastic: Economical and lightweight. Attached to the CREFORM pipe with special-purpose adhesive forming a permanent connection. Plastic joints may be used indoors but they are definitely the right choice for outdoor applications.

How do I cut CREFORM pipes?

MANUAL METHOD: CREFORM offers the EK-1, our manual pipe cutter. The user rotates the manual pipe cutter around the pipe while snugging the blade against the pipe with each rotation. Within about 10-12 revolutions, the blade pierces the CREFORM pipe.

POWER METHOD: CREFORM pipe may be cut with a chop saw, a band saw, or our electric pipe cutter. A CREFORM Sales Engineer will be glad to discuss the features of each method. Whichever method is selected, a clean, straight cut is safer and makes the structure easier to assemble. PRE-CUTTING OPTION: CREFORM offers pipe pre-cut to length for a small additional charge. You will receive pipe cut to length, deburred on each end and packaged in a kit. Please inquire if you would like us to provide a quote for your project.

What tools do I need to make a CREFORM structure?

CREFORM structures are built using basic common hand tools, such as a CREFORM manual pipe cutter, tape measure, marking pen, 5mm Hex Allen wrench, deburring tool and mallet. No significant investment in tools is required to design and build CREFORM structures. As your experience and usage of CREFORM grows, you may choose to add some power tools to make your job easier.

Can I bend my CREFORM pipe?

Certainly, with the right equipment. The plastic covering of CREFORM pipe is bonded to the steel core so you can safely bend our pipe. A portion of our customers choose to bend CREFORM pipe for either aesthetics or function. CREFORM offers pipe-bending service as well. We offer two kinds of bending processes; fixed bending with radii of 150, 200 and 250mm, and free size bending with radii from 500mm to 1200mm. Bending fees are in addition to the pipe's price. Please inquire.

What kinds of casters are available and how are they used?

Two categories of casters are available. Your application will determine if insert casters or bolt-on casters are appropriate.

Insert casters are generally used when the cart's capacity is less than 300 pounds. Consider YGR series for such applications. CREFORM insert casters are often praised for their quick and easy installation.

Bolt-on casters are generally used when the cart's capacity is above 300 pounds. When using bolt-on casters, there are design considerations and mounting hardware to include. Please contact CREFORM for associated resource documents.

The choice of caster should be made based on load, weight of the structure itself, frequency of use, floor surface, noise considerations and investment. The CREFORM sales staff will be glad to help you select the appropriate caster for your application.

Is Design Assistance available?

Our Sales Engineers have extensive experience with both CREFORM structure design and helping customers achieve their business objectives with CREFORM. We welcome the opportunity to help with your project. Please contact us with your technical requirements and we will respond with a CAD drawing and corresponding bill of material. For your convenience, page J-3 of the CREFORM catalog features a "Design Request" form. Fill it out, fax it in and we'll work with you to develop a CREFORM solution.

I have a container that I want to gravity flow. What are the options?

CREFORM offers three options:

  • Skate wheel conveyor
  • Slide pipe
  • Roller pipe

Our Sales Engineers will be glad to help you select the correct option for your application.

How many CREFORM components are there?

Hundreds! The CREFORM system is approximately 30 years old. During that time, we have responded to customer feedback with new components. You won't find a pipe and joint material handling solution that offers a greater breadth of products. This allows you to use one material handling system for a wider variety of projects.

While our selection is vast, don't be intimidated. Learning the CREFORM system is easy. You begin with the basics and expand your knowledge of the product line as your experience grows. To make it easy to introduce CREFORM, we offer a CREFORM "Starter Kit" of our most commonly used components. Our Sales Engineers would be glad to discuss the merits of our "Starter Kit."

What is an AGC?

AGC stands for Automated Guided Cart. The CREFORM system includes the AGC, a battery-powered automatic vehicle that follows a surface mounted magnetic tape strip. AGC's are available in a wide range of capacities and in both uni-directional and bi-directional configurations. Call our Sales Engineers for a consultation on your project or to receive our AGC Video.

Can I purchase my CREFORM structure already assembled?

Certainly. CREFORM offers assembled structures for a minimal extra charge. Please contact our CREFORM Sales Engineers with your needs. In addition to assembled structures, we offer pre-cut material and kitted components. We can assemble for you or make it quick and easy for you to do your own assembly.