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CREFORM is a global provider of customized and lean solutions with headquarters and production in Germany (Kassel). It is the inventor of the well-known pipe plug-in system and produces high-quality roller bars. CREFORM offers up to 10 years warranty on its pipe plug-in system due to its convincing Made-In-Germany quality.


For more than 60 years, CREFORM has been helping companies across all industries work more efficiently. With our tube plug-in system, material can be stored, transported and used quickly and flexibly. Whether in the automotive, food, medical or aerospace industries, CREFORM helps make production more efficient everywhere.

Japanese engineers at YAZAKI Kako Corporation recognized the need for flexible production as early as 1953 and developed a revolutionary material handling system under the name CREFORM. Within a short time, this modular system became a bestseller in Japan and the USA. Companies such as Toyota, Ford and Chrysler converted production to the patented tube plugging system as part of the continuous improvement process. With this new system, it was finally possible to produce according to demand and tailor-made.


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The success story continued in 1985 with the addition of automated guided vehicles (AGVs) to the product range. The automatically guided vehicles set new standards and are still one of the most effective tools for optimizing material transport even more efficiently, even more flexibly and especially cost-effectively.

The great demand, also on the European market, led to the foundation of CREFORM Technik GmbH Germany in 1999. It is a joint creation of the parent company YAZAKI Kako Corporation (Shizuoka, Japan) and its subsidiary CREFORM Corporation (Greer, USA). Due to the enormous demand in the European market, the storage and production capacities were greatly expanded and in September 2008 the newly built plant in Baunatal was occupied.

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CREFORM Technik GmbH follows a corporate philosophy based on the principles of Kaizen and Lean. Kaizen, a Japanese concept, stands for continuous improvement. This means that the company strives to constantly develop and optimize processes. The lean principle aims to minimize waste and make processes leaner. CREFORM Technik GmbH implements this philosophy in all areas of the company.

This joint effort by all employees creates a culture of innovation and continuous development. CREFORM Technik GmbH strives to offer its customers continuously improved products and services and to position itself as a pioneer in the industry.


CREFORM Technik GmbH is a company characterized by a unique fusion of German and Japanese influence. This combination creates an outstanding blend of German precision and Japanese efficiency. The “Made in Germany” label stands for the highest quality standards and excellence in production, while Japanese precision is known for innovative solutions and thoughtful design.

CREFORM Technik GmbH products are therefore characterized not only by their first-class workmanship, but also by their durability and reliability. This combination of German manufacturing techniques and Japanese craftsmanship ensures that customers worldwide receive products that meet the highest quality standards.

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CREFORM Technik GmbH attaches great importance to Gemba and 5S. The philosophy of Gemba-Kaizen emphasizes the importance of being right where the action is, which is why consultations and workshops are usually held on-site. This is the only way to precisely identify weak points and develop individual solutions.

The 5S method is used as an important tool for implementing the Kaizen philosophy. It includes the steps of discarding, systematizing, cleaning, standardizing and disciplining. By organizing the workplace in a structured manner, non-value-adding activities are reduced or eliminated.

By incorporating Gemba and 5S as important methods, CREFORM Technik GmbH strives to continuously improve the workplace and processes. Direct interaction with the site, a structured organization and the consistent use of resources enable an efficient and cost-effective way of working.


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