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For a sustainable industry of tomorrow

CREFORM Technik GmbH is a company committed to sustainability. By producing modular manufacturing systems designed for durability and reusability, the company helps reduce waste and pollution.

In addition, CREFORM Technik GmbH focuses on the efficient use of resources and the use of environmentally friendly materials in production. The company is continuously working to reduce energy consumption and use renewable energy.

Did you know that we even have some products in our range that are 100% sustainable?
For example, our recycled plastic panels or our wooden articles from our own carpentry.

If you would like a particular product to be more sustainable, feel free to contact us and we will make it happen.

CREFORM Technik GmbH also strives to support its customers in implementing sustainable solutions. By providing advice and developing concepts to optimize manufacturing processes, they help reduce CO2 emissions and other environmental impacts.

Overall, CREFORM Technik GmbH is a pioneer in sustainability and is actively working for a better future.