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Are you interested in implementing a modern and efficient Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV) system in your company, but have no experience in this field? Don’t worry, we’re here with our expertise and experience to help you every step of the way.


Here are the main points that matter in the project implementation of driverless transport systems :


  • Analysis of your requirements: The first and crucial step is the precise analysis of your operational requirements. What do you want to achieve with the AGV? Which tasks should be automated? Do you need assistance with your needs analysis? No problem, make an appointment with our expert advisors, who will be happy to assist you, to develop customized solutions that are perfectly tailored to your individual requirements.
  • Feasibility study: a thorough feasibility study is of great importance. Here we check whether the use of an AGV in your company is at all possible and economically sensible. We take into account your existing infrastructure, spatial conditions, processes and possible obstacles.
  • Selection of the optimal automated guided vehicle system: There are different types of vehicles, each performing different tasks and functions. We help you choose the optimal AGV that perfectly fits your requirements. We take into account aspects such as load-bearing capacity, speed, navigation technology and flexibility.

Checklist before installation:

  • Define the tasks (missions) for your AGV: Which specific tasks should the automated guided vehicle perform?

  • Plan the vehicle routes: Determine the exact routes where the AGV will perform their tasks, including pick-up, drop-off, loading and parking points. Be careful to balance efficiency (minimized distances) with safety (avoiding collisions with other vehicles or pedestrians).

  • Measure the tracks carefully: check the dimensions of the tracks to make sure they are wide enough for the vehicles.

  • Consider interfaces to other devices and machines: Think about the interaction of the AGV with other devices such as automatic doors, machine interfaces or elevators.

  • Check the WLAN signal strength: Make sure that a strong WLAN signal is available throughout the site to ensure smooth communication with the AGV.
  • Choose the appropriate AGV management software: Decide on the appropriate software to control the missions of the vehicles. An API may be required to connect the AGV to your existing WMS, MES or ERP system.

  • Plan the calibration area: Provide a suitable area for calibrating the AGVs on site that does not interfere with operations and has sufficient space.

  • Clarify the required infrastructure: Ensure that all necessary infrastructure measures, e.g. installation of power cables for battery chargers, are completed before installation.

  • Ensure that all contacts are on site: Ensure that all relevant contacts are available during implementation to avoid delays and ensure a smooth process.

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  • Safety assessment and risk management: Safety is paramount in the project implementation of AGVs. We conduct a comprehensive security assessment and implement appropriate security measures to minimize potential risks. Our AGVs feature advanced safety systems such as emergency shutdowns, obstacle detection and guards to protect people and equipment.
  • Software integration and training: Seamless software integration is required to ensure that the AGV can be smoothly integrated into your operational processes. We ensure that the AGV communicates smoothly with your existing systems, such as enterprise resource planning or warehouse management. In addition, we offer comprehensive training for your employees to teach them how to use the AGV and promote acceptance.
  • Installation and commissioning: Our team of experts takes care of the professional installation and commissioning of the AGV in your company. We ensure smooth integration and make sure that all systems function properly.
  • Support and maintenance: Our customer service does not end with commissioning. We offer comprehensive support and maintenance services to ensure that your AGV continuously functions optimally. If you have any questions or problems, we are always there for you.

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