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Transport trolleys made of tubular plug-in systems are a space-saving and efficient solution for logistics and transport of goods. Our setup trolleys, table trolleys, staging trolleys, cantilever trolleys and level trolleys can be individually and modularly designed to meet the requirements of your work processes. With ESD protection, the carts can also transport sensitive electronic components without damaging them. By using pipe plug-in systems, the trolleys can be quickly and easily adapted to ensure maximum flexibility and efficiency. Our transport trolleys are robust, durable and space-saving to optimize workflow and facilitate logistics.


Set-up trolleys are an effective solution for reducing set-up time and increasing flexibility in production. Set-up trolleys make it possible to collect all the tools, equipment, materials and components required in one central location. This eliminates the time-consuming search for the required elements at different locations. Employees can simply roll the setup cart to their workstation or the various production stations and immediately begin the setup process. This flexibility results in significant time savings, shortens overall makeready times, and enables efficient use of production space. In addition, the carts allow for structured and clear organization, as each item has its assigned place, resulting in better clarity and order. This minimizes the risk of confusion, loss or damage to the materials. Setup trolleys are part of our lean production philosophy and help to achieve this, Muda, Muri and Mura.


Table trolleys, also known as transport trolleys or system trolleys, are a versatile and efficient solution for transporting materials and operating supplies in assembly and production. They are made from our robust tubular plug-in system and feature a spacious work surface where materials, tools and components can be conveniently placed. They are also equipped with various storage compartments, drawers or shelves. These offer the possibility to store tools, small parts or documents neatly and within reach. This makes it easier to organize and access needed materials. This surface can also be height-adjustable, as needed, to provide an ergonomic working position. An optional factor in this case is also the ESD capability, which ensures safe transport of electronic components. These modular dollies are part of our lean production philosophy and support the concepts of Kaizen and One-piece flow by ensuring a smooth flow of materials. With the help of a solution kit, our pipe plug-in starter package, this specific operating equipment can be realized easily and quickly, on site at your premises.

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Material carts provide an organized and efficient way to supply, store and transport materials in production and manufacturing. The CREFORM tube plug-in system is an optimal tool for modular, flexible material carts and can thus be individually adapted to the requirements in the form of customized solutions. Our material trolleys support the lean philosophy through ergonomic storage of assembly parts, in line with a Just in Time (JIT) provision of operating resources. Due to the high quality steel tubes and different diameters, our carts can easily carry heavier loads. With simple modifications, these trolleys are also suitable for use in the milkrun (rod train) or with driverless transport vehicles. As an option, the trolleys are also available with ESD capability for optimization in production with electronic parts. ESD-capable available. Material trolleys can be constructed as an introduction to the pipe plug-in system in a Solution Kit Workshop. Material trolleys are designed to improve ergonomics in the workplace and reduce damageen.


Our support arm trolleys, also known as cantilever or system trolleys, support an optimized material supply in your intralogistics system. Thanks to the Kraken arm system, materials can be transported just in time, for example, from the supermarket to the production cell. En example of this is the provision of suspended system cables, which are always ready in an orderly manner and within reach due to the arms. Another often implemented solution is the safe transport of long and bulky materials such as pipes, strips, profiles or plates. Depending on the material conveyed, these have a high load capacity. You can find under Among other things, application in the fields of mechanical engineering, equipment manufacturing, Metalworking, woodworking and building technology. The support arm trolleys are specially adapted to your needs and requirements and help you to optimize your processes and ensure efficient operation. They also allow ergonomic material handling and space-saving storage. Whether used as a setup cart, transfer cart or system cart, our cantilever trucks offer a flexible solution for storing and transporting materials. This will help you improve your production processes and successfully implement the lean approach in your company.

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Staging carts offer high flexibility in the on-demand staging of material in various application areas such as assembly islands or production environments. The wagons can be individually designed and have, for example, several levels with KLT containers of different sizes. The offset and inclined levels allow ergonomic handling and provide a clear overview of the material. The lower level of the trolley is often used as a storage area for empty containers and an efficient 2-container Kanban system can be implemented very well in the upper levels. Our staging trolleys can also be ESD-capable be built to ensure safe transport of electronic components. The staging cart allows materials to be effectively organized and ergonomically staged, resulting in improved workflow efficiency and increased productivity. The flexibility and adaptability of the cart makes it possible to meet the specific requirements and needs of different production environments.


Level trolleys, also known as floor trolleys, are specially designed transport equipment used in production to store and transport goods and materials on multiple floors and provides ample space for storage of various items. Level carts can be used for a variety of applications and are available in different sizes and configurations. They are suitable for transporting both smaller items and larger materials, depending on the needs and requirements of production. Well-designed level trolleys are also indispensable for assembling goods. Our trolleys are in ESD (Electrostatic Discharge) design also for safe transport and storage of electronic components and sensitive equipment., suitable in an electrostatically protected environment. In general, the tier trolleys make optimal use of the available space, enable convenient handling and help to increase efficiency and productivity.


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