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“First-in-first-out” describes a method in which the oldest stocks are taken first. This ensures that stock does not sit on the shelf unnecessarily long and become obsolete while newer stock is stacked. Our racks can be additionally equipped with ESD protection to protect sensitive electronic and measuring equipment. With our tube plug-in systems, the shelves can be easily and quickly adapted to individual requirements. Through the use of modular, individually designable pipe plug-in systems becomes an efficient, space-saving use of the storage system is achieved is achieved. With our FIFO racks you can optimize your logistics and store your stocks efficiently and systematically.


Kanban racks with sloping front offer several advantages in material provisioning and control. The angled front allows visual inspection of the bin contents so employees can easily see what parts or materials are present. Compared to live storage racks, this type of Flowracks only the individual parts are removed from the containers. The clear view of the container contents facilitates inventory management and reduces the risk of bottlenecks. This also enables fast fault detection and improves the quality of material supply. Overall, Kanban racks support effective material control, optimize production flow and improve efficiency in manufacturing. With their ease of use, robust design, and ability to be customized to meet individual storage requirements, Kanban racks are an ideal solution for companies looking to improve their intralogistics processes while increasing the efficiency of their warehousing operations.


Flow racks are an important component of intralogistics systems and warehouse racking systems. Flow racks with straight front offer efficient use of available space and allow easy and quick removal of complete bins. Also known as FIFO shelving, they use the first-in-first-out principle to ensure that older products or materials are consumed first. Non-return flow racks are particularly popular in the food and beverage industry, as they can monitor the expiration date of raw materials and quickly sort out obsolete products. The clear view of the stored containers facilitates inventory control and minimizes the risk of bottlenecks. In addition, the removal of entire containers reduces the risk of damage. Overall, flow racks contribute to smooth material flow, efficient storage and an optimized production environment. With their robust design and flexibility, these Flowracks an ideal solution for companies that want to optimize their warehousing and improve their intralogistics processes at the same time.

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Material staging racks enable clear, organized and space-saving storage of materials and goods. In addition, these shelves allow quick access to the required materials. Through the Best Point Provisioning of materials in the shelves, employees can find and remove the desired material without losing time. The use of containers in material supply protects materials from dust, dirt or damage. In addition, the goods and accessories can be stored safely and stably to prevent accidents or injuries. By strategically placing material staging racks near work areas, material flow can be optimized. Employees have easy access to the materials they need without having to travel long distances. In summary, material staging racks offer clear organization, fast access, reduced search times, space savings, clean storage, security and optimized material flow. These advantages help to increase the efficiency, productivity and quality of production processes on the shop floor.


Shooter racks are characterized by the fact that they can be filled and emptied by means of shooter trolleys without the need for an employee to manually load the racks. The material supplier only has to guide his trolley to a trigger on the rack, which activates the stop device on the trolley and thus releases the container(s), or MINOMI materials, so that they run automatically, by means of gravity, from the trolley into the rack, or vice versa. Otherwise, the Shooter rack has the same advantages as a FIFO rack.  Our shooter racks from the tubular plug-in system are available in different sizes and lengths and are customized to your needs. Easy access and quick removal facilitate the workflow and save time. Clear visibility and organization of materials reduces search times. The angled channels of the racks protect the materials from damage and ensure safe storage. The optimized flow of materials near the work areas improves efficiency. Overall, these advantages increase efficiency, productivity and quality in material supply. With their robust design and flexibility, they are an ideal choice for companies looking to improve their warehouse processes while optimizing their intralogistics processes.

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A supermarket shelf is one or more FIFO shelves, which are positioned on a central position, in the production area. In which materials are provided pre-picked to be processed over a set period of time, many companies use this efficient method. Material suppliers exchange empty containers for filled ones at this central point in order to make them available at the individual work stations, usually in Kanban racks. The material supply from supermarket shelves reduces the time-consuming and personnel-intensive supply from the warehouse area and is the basis for the realization of the so-called “pull system”. In which the empty containers signal the subsequent delivery of the corresponding material to the supermarket shelf. The flexibility of the shelves allows adaptation to different types of materials and sizes. Efficient material removal minimizes search times and supports a smooth production flow. By reducing waste and overproduction, supermarket shelves save costs. Overall, supermarket shelving contributes to optimized material supply and improved operational processes.


Rocker shelves are understood as FIFO-racks, which have been equipped with rocking functions on the removal side, allowing material containers, such as small load carriers, cartons or similar, to be swiveled into the 30° to 45° presentation plane so that the contents can be better identified and grasped. After emptying the containers, they can be transported to the return line with the help of the rocker, without the need to touch, lift or remove the containers. Sometimes the containers are so large or unwieldy that there would be no room in the removal area to lift them out of the feeder and into the return. In addition, the rocking function saves time and effort. Stresses and injuries are reduced, contributing to a safer and healthier work environment. It also leads to high efficiency and significant savings in time and resources. The available space is optimally used and the rocker racks thus contribute to the optimization of material provision and material storage.


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