In the automotive industry, pipe & joint systems enable assembly lines to be designed efficiently, while automated guided systems automate in-plant material transport and thus increase productivity.




Pipe & joint systems offer flexible storage solutions for the logistics and e-commerce industries, enabling fast and cost-efficient assembly of racking systems and conveyor lines. Automated guided vehicles optimize the flow of goods and increase storage capacity.

Pipe & joint systems are used in medical and laboratory technology for the effective organization and structuring of equipment and workflows. Automated guided vehicles support the safe and precise transport of samples and materials in medical facilities.


With pipe & joint systems, customized designs can be realized that allow flexibility and adaptability in production. AGVs ensure smooth material transport and automation of manufacturing processes.

In apparatus construction, pipe & joint systems offer a fast and modular method of assembling production plants and machines. Automated guided vehicles optimize the flow of materials and increase efficiency in production.

In the electrical industry, pipe & joint systems, in the form of assembly tables, enable efficient assembly of electrical switchgear. Automated guided vehicles support the safe transport of electronic components and materials.

In the firefighting sector, pipe & joint systems enable fast and flexible provision of materials, while cleaning trolleys that are ready to hand ensure rapid availability of cleaning utensils and materials to ensure efficient operational readiness in the event of an emergency.

Pipe & joint systems are an ideal solution for lean consultants to implement flexible workplace designs and lean production concepts. Our automated guided vehicles support lean management to optimize material flow and minimize waste.