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System components

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CREFORM offers a wide range of system components such as ergonomic height adjustments (lifting systems), Karakuri-attachments, individual plates, molds and other additional components. These high-quality and flexible solutions help you optimize your production and logistics processes and improve your working environment.

Ergonomic height adjustment

Do you want to create a healthier work environment for your employees and increase their performance, quality of work and well-being?

Then an ergonomic height adjustment is indispensable for your workplace. Our ergonomic height adjustment system allows individual adaptation to the body size and needs of each employee. With a manual or automatic height adjustment, you can easily and quickly adjust the workstation to create an optimal ergonomic working environment. Our ergonomic height adjustment system can be seamlessly integrated into any work environment. With our pipe & joint system, you can quickly and easily adapt your workstations and respond to individual needs.

Hub system possibilities

Gas springs

Gas springs can effortlessly support heavy loads, allowing for smooth lifting of various weights. Gas springs are used for staging tables and can be easily adapted to the specific requirements of the application. This system minimizes the risk of injury and ensures safe operation.

We offer the following gas spring options:

  • Stepless adjustment with spring-loaded blocking for lifting 15kg with a gas spring.

  • Stepless adjustment with spring-loaded blocking for lifting 30kg with two gas springs.

  • Structures can be securely positioned steplessly using the gas struts and then loaded up to 50kg.

Lifting units

Our electric lifting systems offer you the possibility to conveniently change the height of your work surface at the touch of a button. With just the touch of a button, you can customize the height of the work surface to adapt to different working conditions. Our manual lifting systems are a more energy-conscious alternative to electric lifting systems. With a simple crank mechanism, you can precisely and effortlessly adjust the height of your work surface to reduce health hazards.

We offer the following hub options:

  • Standard variant for high weight of 200kg with 16mm per second. Depending on requirements for an electric application at the push of a button or for energy-conscious users a manual drive by means of a crank (self-locking).

  • Classic version with 4 gears, 2 motors for 100kg with 30mm per second. Depending on the need with battery or electric.

  • Fastest variant with 2 gearboxes, 1 motor for 50kg with 40mm per second. Depending on the need with battery or electric.

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Karakuri, traditional Japanese automation technology, is revolutionizing production with its efficient and elegant way of automating complex processes. With its focus on mechanical solutions enables Karakuri optimizing production processes by automating workflows, optimizing material flow and reducing employee workload. By using simple but sophisticated mechanical devices, bottlenecks are minimized, sources of error are eliminated, and productivity gains are achieved. Discover the wide range of applications of Karakuri and let yourself be inspired by the efficiency and precision of this impressive technology.

Our special Karakuri-structures enable efficient automation solutions that significantly optimize your production. The intelligent attachments can be easily integrated into your existing production lines. Through the use of our Karakuri attachments, you can significantly improve your production efficiency while reducing the workload of your employees. Our Karakuri-structures are made of high quality materials and offer reliable solutions for your production needs.

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We understand that each workspace is unique, and that is why we attach great importance to offering customized solutions. Our range includes panels made of various materials, including steel, recycled plastic, ESD-capable panels and wood. Each material offers specific advantages to meet your individual needs.

Our steel plates are characterized by their stability and durability. They are ideal for work areas where a robust surface is required to support heavy tools, machinery or materials. Steel plates provide excellent resistance to wear and allow reliable use over a long period of time.

For customers who prefer environmentally friendly solutions, we offer panels made of recycled plastic. These panels are made from recycled materials, helping to reduce waste and environmental impact. Despite their sustainable production, they are still robust and versatile.

For work areas where electrostatic discharge must be avoided, we offer ESD-capable boards. These special plates safely dissipate electrical charges and protect sensitive electronic devices or components from damage caused by electrostatic discharges. They are ideal for areas such as laboratories or production environments where electrostatic charge control is of great importance.

In addition, we offer panels made of wood, which will bring a natural and warm aesthetic to your workspace. Our wooden panels are processed by experienced carpenters in our own joinery and can be fully customized to meet the specific requirements of our customers. From size to shape and surface treatment, we offer individual solutions that reflect the personal taste and functional requirements of our customers.

Our goal is to offer high quality panels and coverings that meet the needs of our customers. Our experienced joinery allows us to offer customized solutions and ensure that your work environment is optimally equipped. Whether you need steel panels, recycled plastic panels, ESD-capable panels or wood panels, we are here to provide you with our expertise and dedication to meet your needs and provide you with the best possible solution.

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CREFORM accessories consist of a wide range of casters, wheels, floor elements and much more. The accessories sensibly round off the CREFORM structures. The different diameters, running surfaces and mounting options can be selected according to your production requirements and modified at any time.

  • Rollers and wheels
  • Floor elements
  • Tool holder
  • Telescopic extension support
  • Label holder
  • Monitor and keyboard mounts

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You would like to order system components via our online store?


When working with your individual CREFORM solution, the right tool is essential. We offer you an extensive selection of high-quality hand tools that are specially designed to work with our pipe & joint system.

Our standard equipment includes all the necessary hand tools you need to assemble, adjust and maintain your CREFORM structure. From wrenches and screwdrivers to Allen keys and pliers, we make sure you have the right tools on hand to handle your CREFORM designs professionally and efficiently.

For more demanding tasks and the use of power tools such as band saws, we are happy to provide recommendations. Our experts can help you choose the right power tool for your specific needs. We work with renowned manufacturers to ensure that you receive high-quality and reliable power tools that harmonize optimally with our pipe & joint system.

Our goal is to offer you not only high-quality structural components, but also the right tools to successfully use your CREFORM solution. With the right tooling, you can work efficiently, save time and achieve the best results.

Trust CREFORM when it comes to tools for your material handling system. We make sure you have the right selection of hand tools and offer power tool recommendations when needed. Work professionally, safely and effectively with the right tool from CREFORM.

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