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Whether you are a newcomer or an existing customer - there is something for everyone at the CREFORM workshops! With our various workshop topics, we not only convey our experience, but also show you in practice how material handling systems, Karakuri and lean processes can best be applied and implemented in your company.

The CREFORM workshop leaders are absolutely unique in the market with their knowledge and skills. Many have up to 25 years of practical experience in the field of material handling and lean processes. In addition, CREFORM attaches great importance to Kaizen (continuous improvement), which means that our workshop leaders also enjoy regular training and further education in order to always stay up to date. In our workshops, we not only offer you great theoretical and practical added value, but also a team-building and very enriching experience for you and your employees.

Our five workshops are customised to you and your needs after contacting us. If you have space for a technical workshop on site, the CREFORM experts will come to you. Lack of space? No problem, there is always room for you!

Learn and experience together with your employees the exciting, helpful and efficient tools that pave the way to a new generation of your company. At the end of the workshop, each participant receives a personal CREFORM certificate as a memento of the work mastered, the knowledge learned and the unforgettable experience. We look forward to seeing you!


Our workshop services at a glance

  • Trained and highly qualified experts
  • Workshop leaders with up to 25 years of experience
  • Individual workshops adapted to the needs
  • Certified with a personal CREFORM deed
  • Training at CREFORM's headquarters (Baunatal, Ger) or directly at the customer's/your site



Solutionpack Workshop

Fundamental training

This CREFORM Solutionpack basic training is the optimal way for new users to familiarise themselves with the world of KAIZEN and to take away employees' fears of contact. With the help of the standard equipment of components and tools, you will learn the skills to build basic elements such as trolleys, shelves, conveyors or desks on your own.

If necessary, the "starter kit" can be adapted to your specific needs and individual requirements. In a one to two-day workshop (sometimes longer), we train your staff in the use of the CREFORM system and develop initial applications together. In accordance with the philosophy of Gemba-Kaizen (Gemba= the actual place), our workshops always take place directly on site at your production facility. This allows us to address your personal potential for improvement individually and develop suitable optimisation approaches together.



Karakuri Workshop

Very popular with our customers

This CREFORM Karakuri Workshop is the ideal opportunity for experienced users and existing CREFORM customers to familiarise themselves with the world of Karakuri. Learn more about the traditional Japanese construction principle Karakuri and gain first practical experience together with our experts.

This workshop is the most popular training with our customers and for this reason only very limited availability. The number of participants is limited to a maximum of 6-8 people and only takes place 4 times a year. The workshop lasts one to two days, depending on the request, and takes place at our premises in Baunatal, in the heart of Germany.

You will not only be introduced to Karakuri by means of examples and possible applications in industrial production, but you will even build your own Karakuri structure and go through the following processes: Design preparation, assembly preparation, assembly and final inspection. You will also gain an insight into the various product components, visit practical Karakuri examples at the end and, as with every workshop, receive your personal certificate.




Work safety workshop

Participation once a year

You are an existing customer of CREFORM and use several structures or complete solutions from us? Then you should consider this occupational safety workshop. Participation in the workshop is free of charge for existing customers once a year. This workshop takes place on your premises to precisely address the existing CREFORM structures and lasts a maximum of 1 day.

During the workshop, our experts will go through the conditions of use of the CREFORM material handling system with you and your employees, as well as all the important steps of handling pipes and structures, such as cutting, deburring and calculating the lengths and load capacity. Then you will learn about the possibilities of increasing the load capacity of CREFORM structures by comparing the load capacities of the tube diameters and showing alternatives. Finally, you will design and create a nameplate, check your structures together with the experts using a checklist and document the test results. All participants receive a workshop certificate for occupational safety and are thus authorised to assemble and check CREFORM structures.



Extended Workshop

Implementing a lean project

Extended workshops are knowledge refreshers on the one hand and further development opportunities for you and your employees on the other. In this workshop, you will not only receive technical know-how from our experts, but also specific Lean support in relation to your own processes. The workshop takes place at the customer's premises and is adapted to individual needs in terms of scope and duration.

You will be introduced to the extended possibilities with the CREFORM material handling system and then create an individual structure with our experts or even plan a complete one-piece flow cell. The design preparation will focus on the most important lean possibilities and you will learn how to design waste-free solutions or manufacturing cells. This is followed by assembly preparation and the assembly itself. Here it is possible to design only one part on site and have CREFORM build the rest. Finally, the final inspection takes place and you and your employees receive a personal certificate of your successful participation in the Extended Workshop.



CAD Training

CREFORM Designer Software

Our own CAD software is not only used by us, but also by our customers for new projects. However, this complex CAD system requires a certain amount of initial instruction in order to be able to operate it safely. We explain all the basic functions for designing structures with the CREFORM material handling system and determine load and bearing capacities when dimensioning structures. This is a 1-2 day training of all applications of CREFORM DESIGNER for the successful use in your company. If you have been using this software for some time and need a little knowledge refresher or want to introduce new staff to the software, we can very happily help you with this and tailor the training to your needs. After this workshop, each participant will receive a personal CAD training certificate.

You have not yet received any software from us? Contact our customer service and we will be happy to help you.


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