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Ineffective and unsecured transports like this impair the entire material flow

Cramped working spaces reduce the productivity of workers

Lack of effective picking devices or systems increases lead times.

Impractical stocking increases the time needed to utilize materials and raises the chance of incidents

Physical stress reduces the motivation of workers and aggravates the material and production flow

Precise and safe material transportation with our automated driverless vehicles

Effective and clear space usage encourages productivity and raises the motivation of workers

CREFORM solutions optimizes the production flow, improves the material flow and raises the productivity

Stable and resilient CREFORM rack systems allow to establish a clear structure as well as fast and save picking

CREFORM picking carts allow uncomplicated and stressless working, thus raising motivation and productivity


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Welcome to CREFORM Technik GmbH

Do you want to raise the efficiency and competitive edge of your company ?

To optimize the material flow, production processes or the supply routes in your company ?

To make your workstations and your warehouse safer, or more structured and ergonomic ?

Then the CREFORM Material Handling Systems and concepts are the optimal solution for you.

Material Handling System 
Automated Guided Carts (AGV)
  • Pipe racking system
  • ESD Workstation
  • Ergonomic Solutions
  • Flow rack
  • Transport cart
  • AGV tugger
  • Drive-under tugger
  • Mobile assembly lines
  • Plattformcarts with roller or belt conveyor
  • AGV for Industry 4.0
  • Assembly kit for AGV
  • Containerless material transport
  • Corner transitions
  • Optimised inclination angle
  • With exchangeable wheels